Busy Parent Fitness Challenge - Day 10: Core & Pelvic Floor

by - Thursday, October 23, 2014

Recycling Day 1 of the Busy Parent Fitness Challenge for Day 10 because I've been busy making a birthday gift for my niece (crocheted mittens). I figure after these harder workouts, we could all use an easy one. : ) Day 1 was kegels, crunches and hip raises. More info and (new!) images here: http://www.playoutsideguide.com/2014/10/busy-parent-fitness-challenge-day-1.html

If it's too easy, double up on reps or go back and re-do your favorite workout.  
When you work your mid-section, what results are you hoping for? Flatter stomach? Trimmer waistline? 

I want my wedding waist back. 

Image by Chris Pouget

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