Busy Parent Fitness Challenge Day 15: Upper Body

by - Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We're halfway through our month-long fitness challenge! Today, we will try to increase the number of pushups we've been doing, try a new kind of pushup to work different areas of the chest, and repeat some other tried and true exercises to strengthen the chest, back, and arms.
1) Pushups: Do knee pushups if you're having trouble completing 5 pushups. If you can easily do 10 of each, you have graduated to standard pushups! Congratulations! Remember to exhale when lifting your body, and inhale when lowering yourself. 

Modified /Knee Pushup - Start Position
Here's our pushup routine for today:
    • Regular Pushups (hands slightly wider than shoulders) - do 5-10
    • Narrow Pushups (hands close together so index fingers and thumbs of opposite hands touch) - do 5-10
    • Shuffle Pushups - 1) Do a regular pushup, 2) move your left hand beside your right hand & do a pushup (not too low), 3) move your right hand back to regular position and do a pushup, 4) move your right hand beside your left hand and do a pushup, 5) move your right hand back to regular position and do a pushup. Repeat from Step 1.
 1a) Shuffle pushup - start position
1b) Do a regular pushup
2a) Shuffle left hand to the right
2b) Do a pushup
3a) Move left hand back to start position

3b) Do a regular pushup
4) Move right hand beside left hand & do a pushup.
5) Move right hand back to start position and do a pushup

2) Tricep (Chair) DipsSit on the edge of a step or sturdy chair (picnic table or park bench works well). Slide forward and lower yourself down off the step/bench, supporting yourself with your arms. Lower until you have a nice 90 degree angle in your elbow. Do 10-20.

Lower down until your elbow makes a right angle
Lift up and straighten those arms
3) Airplane Extension: Lie face down on the floor, feet together, arms out to the sides like airplane wings. Lift your feet and arms up off the ground, pressing your shoulderblades together. Slowly sweep your arms from your sides to in front of you (think Superman). Slowly bring your arms to your sides again and sink to the floor. Basically you're going up into airplane, then Superman, back to airplane and lowering down. Do 10-15.
Let's do this!!! Check in with me and let me know how it's going. Are you getting stronger?

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