Squeaky Wheel Doesn't Get the Grease (Tips for raising a spirited child)

by - Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Hang on, Baby!” I pleaded anxiously. “I need to help your sister.” Why I was negotiating with a newborn was beyond reason, but as it turns out, I was completely and totally whipped. My big girl had conditioned me to give her what she wanted, when she wanted it, or suffer an epic tantrum. Was it critically necessary for her to have the big box of blocks right now? Of course not! The fickle whims of a toddler are not the same as the needs of a newborn. Diaper blowouts should always trump toy schlepping! What I needed to say at that moment in time – but didn’t know it – was “Please wait." 

I kicked myself, then started to think of how not to shortchange the newest member of our family. How could everyone (including me) get what they need and be happy? How would I manage two kids under two, when one is extremely spirited and vocal? 

To see five tips on raising a spirited (aka willful or demanding) child, please check out the full version of the article, on BonBon Break.

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Do you have a spirited child? What do you do when she acts up or melts down?

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