Help us choose our next adventure car aka #playoutsideride

by - Thursday, April 12, 2018

Play Outside Guide is seeking a new #playoutsideride suitable for family roadtrips and mountain adventures.

2008 Honda CRV
Our current #playoutsideride is the 2008 Honda CRV; great for couples or small families
After a decade of amazing road trips in our 2008 Honda CRV, we are seeking a new adventure car aka #playoutsideride. While our Honda CRV has been reliable and good on gas, its light suspension / max weight load is cramping our family road trip style! Case in point: We haven't been able to bring bikes on camping trips because the car can't take the additional weight.

Our goal is to find a reliable, fuel efficient vehicle with available four wheel drive that can accommodate four people and all our gear (camping gear, bicycles, stand up paddleboards/canoe) for multi-sport camping roadtrips.

If there's a vehicle you love for road trips, I'd love to hear about it! Also, what are the most important features you look for in a family adventure car?

#playoutsideride Partners

We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with FordHonda, and Toyota to test and review their options for best #playoutsideride! Vehicle reviews completed to date follow.

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Vehicle Reviews

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  1. Is your current SUV only able to carry 2 bikes? Also, where is your roof rack from? We are in the market for a roof rack and are exploring our options.

    1. We have a 4-bike rack on our hitch but the problem is weight. :( We can either load up the CRV with 4 people and bikes (for a day trip) OR carry 4 people and camping gear but not 4 people, camping gear, and bikes. The suspension can't take the weight but some other compact SUVs can.

      Our roof rack is Inno (so far so good, we've had it 10 yrs with no issues) and our roofbox is the Yakima Skybox. Hope that helps!


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