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Busy Parent Fitness Challenge – Day 5: Upper Body

by Karen Ung
Since I don’t carry the kids around anymore, my upper body’s gotten a bit soft. I feel the upper body workouts more than the others, but I like to think that’s because they’re doing me the most good. On that note, let’s do this!

1) Airplane Extension: Lie face down on the floor, feet together, arms out to the sides like airplane wings. Lift your feet and arms up off the ground, pressing your shoulderblades together. Slowly sweep your arms from your sides to in front of you (think Superman). Slowly bring your arms to your sides again and sink to the floor. Basically you’re going up into airplane, then Superman, back to airplane and lowering down. Do 10-15.

2) Chair Dips / Tricep Dips: Sit on the edge of a step or sturdy chair (picnic table or park bench works well). Slide forward and lower yourself down off the step/bench, supporting your upper body with your arms. Lower until you have a nice 90 degree angle in your elbow. Do 10-20.

Lower down slowly
Lift yourself up and straighten your arms

 3) Pushups: Do 5-10 wide pushups (hands wider than shoulders). If standard pushups are tricky, do knee pushups (I won’t tell).

Pushup – start position
Pushup – down position
Modified Pushup – start position
Modified Pushup – down position

Repeat if time and energy allow. The goal is to complete 20 minutes of physical activity per day.

Finally, remember to stretch after exercising! If you don’t have time to stretch after your workout, do it in the shower after the hot water has loosened your muscles.

Do you need some motivation? Or do you have some recommendations? Let me know how you’re enjoying the fitness challenge!

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