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Busy Parent Fitness Challenge – Day 6: Legs and Butt

by Karen Ung
I’ve always been on the petite side with not much in the bust or butt department. While I can’t do much (naturally) about a small bust, I can build beautiful legs and buns. Butt crunches are a simple, but fantastic exercise you can do anytime, anywhere. I sometimes even do them as I’m falling asleep! Weird, I know, but I find counting the crunches relaxing. Walking lunges and squats are good for your entire lower body, but mostly your quads. The lunges are a good warm-up for squats, but you can reverse the order if you want to loosen your legs up after doing several squats.
Me and my legs at Akamina Ridge, Waterton National Park

Here’s today’s workout:

1) Butt Crunches (for butt): while seated or lying down, squeeze your butt cheeks as tight as you can for 3 seconds, and release. Do 30. 

2) 3 minutes of Walking Lunges (for quads): Step forward with right foot, lunge forward until back knee almost touches the floor. Don’t let your right knee get too far over your foot. Push up with right leg and bring left foot forward to lunge with left leg. Instructions and video here: http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/detail/view/name/bodyweight-walking-lunge


3) 10 30-second Squats (for lower body). If your knees are solid, do 10-20 squat jumps instead. Squat jump = squat with hands out in front of you, jump up and lift arms above your head, immediately lower into another squat and bounce up. You will find your rhythm.

Squat – start position

How is it going? Are you having fun? If you miss a day, don’t stress. Try to make it up the next day; I know I had to last week. 

You should start seeing results later this week. Not in inches or pounds lost, but in strength; the exercises will start getting easier. If you need more of a challenge, go for the more difficult options (e.g. full pushups instead of modified) or do more repetitions. 

Keep it up!

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