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Busy Parent Fitness Challenge – Day 23: Legs

by Karen Ung
You are strong. You are amazing. You are getting too strong, darn it! A friend told me these workouts are getting “kind of easy”! If you need more of a challenge – we’ve got to make the most of our time when we have kids demanding most of it – try the variations or adding weights. Do not add too much weight right away; do a set and see how it goes before increasing. If time allows, do extra reps or do other exercises for the target muscle groups of the day (i.e. on leg day, work your legs and butt). When in doubt, cardio is always good. You need to do some walking, running or biking to burn fat and show off your hard work! 

Today’s Workout

1) Walking Lunges (for quads): Step forward with right foot, lunge forward until back knee almost touches the floor. Don’t let your right knee get too far over your foot. Push up with right leg and bring left foot forward to lunge with left leg. Do for 3 minutes. 

To work your arms (tricep press) as you lunge, stretch your arms straight behind you with a dumbbell, can or water bottle in each hand. Hands should be above your butt. Press your shoulder blades together and release, bringing your arms back to your sides. 

Lunge with Tricep Press

 2) Hip Raises (aka Glute Bridge): Lie down in crunch starting position with arms at your sides. Raise your hips and back off the ground. Squeeze your butt cheeks together when you lift your hips! Do 30-40.

  • variation (not pictured): Single Leg Glute Bridge – supporting yourself with one leg only, do hip raises. Lift and extend the other leg up, toe should be pointing at the ceiling. Do 10-15 on one side, then switch legs.
Hip Raise – start position
Lift and squeeze!

3) Squats (for thighs and glutes): Feet should be shoulder-width apart, chest upright (not leaning forward). Squat down until your knees are over your toes. Do not go too low as this is hard on your knees. HOLD for 30-60 seconds (or more if you can!). When you stand up, squeeze your butt cheeks together. Do 10.  

To work your arms at the same time, do the exercise holding two dumbbells, cans or water bottles.

Squat – position 1
Squat – position 2

Do you have any questions for me? How to make your workouts more effective? Best apres-workout stretches? I studied some Kinesiology back in the day and love a good research question. : ) 

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