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Busy Parent Fitness Challenge – Day 26: Chest & Arms

by Karen Ung
The great thing about doing exercises with your own body weight is that you don’t need to have any special equipment, so you can do the exercises anywhere. My husband got me into park bench workouts a while ago, and I noticed that the dips and squats I was doing here and there were adding up. Hills on the bike were getting easier, my arms didn’t jiggle so much, my belly was getting a bit flatter… I decided to commit to doing 3 exercises each day, no matter what, and see where it took me. So far, so good!

Today’s Workout

Today we want to pop those pecs, and work on the triceps. These moves will enhance your chest/bust and reduce arm wobble.

1) Tricep Dips: Do 30-50. Take a short break after 10 dips.

2) Pushups: Do 10 regular pushups (hands below shoulders), 10 wide pushups (hands wider than shoulders), and 10 narrow pushups (index fingers and thumbs of opposite hands touching). If you can do more, do more. If 10 of each is too much, do as many as you can.

3) Reverse Flies – Pick up one dumbbell in each hand. Stand up straight with feet slightly more than hip-width apart and arms at your sides. Bend your knees slightly, lean forward about 45 degrees, and extend your arms out in front of you with palms facing. *Press out and up, and squeeze your shoulderblades together. Hold for a moment and bring your arms together again. Repeat 20-30 times from *. 

Lift and squeeze shoulder blades together

How is the Fitness Challenge going?

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