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Busy Parent Fitness Challenge – Day 29: Arms

by Karen Ung
With Christmas party season upon us, now is the time to perfect our arms for the perfect little black dress. Men, however, can benefit from this workout also. Who doesn’t like toned arms?Do 5 minutes of warm up before you begin. I recommend alternating running on the spot with skipping / jumping jacks to get your blood moving and stretch out those arms.

1) Plank Walk: Get into yoga plank position. Keeping feet in position, walk your hands to the right (move right hand to right about a foot, bring left hand to right hand), return to centre, then walk to the left (move left hand to left about a foot, bring right hand to left hand). Return to centre. Repeat sequence 8-10 times. End with 5 push ups.

Yoga Plank Position

2) Crab Walk: Now you’re going to do the upside down version of the plank walk. Sit up. Put your legs out in front of you, knees bent. Put your hands behind your hips and lift your bottom off the floor. Support your weight with your hands and feet. Walk a few steps to the right, then walk a few steps to the left. Repeat several times for a total of 30-40 crab steps.

3) Tricep Dips: Do 30-50. Take a short break after 10 dips.

Lower down keeping your trunk straight
Lift up and straighten your arms

Remember to stretch it out after!

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