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Busy Parent Fitness Challenge – Day 30: Leg and Booty Booster

by Karen Ung
For our final Busy Parent Fitness Challenge workout, we will be working our legs and booty. Working the biggest muscles in your body boosts your metabolism and helps you burn fat, but the kinds of jumping exercises we are doing today could be hard on your knees. Be sure to land gently on the balls of your feet. If you feel any strain in your joints (muscle pain is to be expected, joint pain is not good), skip the jumping and do regular lunges and squats and don’t go so low. Let’s do this!

Warm up with 5 minutes of running on the spot alternating with jumping jacks or skipping.

1) Jump Lunges: Lunge forward with your right foot so your left knee is almost touching the floor. Jump up and switch legs so you land with your left foot forward and right foot back. Keep switching legs. Use your arms for balance and momentum. Do 30-50.


2) Step ups and toe raises: Step up onto a step, bench or picnic table with your right leg; bring your other leg up, then raise the toes of your right foot and lower; raise your left toes and lower. Step down with your right leg, bring the other leg down. Do 30.

Step up with right leg
Step up with left leg
Raise the toes of one foot
Lower your toes and repeat on other foot

3) Squats: Squat and hold for 30 seconds. Jump up and lift your knees as high as you can. Land on the balls of your feet. Do 10-20.

Repeat the three exercises if you have the time and strength.

Finally, stretch it out. Dancer’s pose is excellent for stretching your quads. Donkey kicks are also helpful.

Stretch the quads
Dancer’s Pose
Donkey Kick start position
Kick one leg out back and up, repeat on other side

We did it!! 30 days of three daily exercises. How do you feel?

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