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Splurge vs. Steal: Glass Water Bottles

by Karen Ung
The best chemical free water bottle is a glass one. They may not be suitable for all activities (I still prefer a Nalgene or Platypus for  hiking as they are a lot lighter and shatterproof), but for every day use – going to the gym, park, yoga – they are great. They don’t smell, they can go in the dishwasher, and neither stain nor leach chemicals into your water. Some people prefer aluminum bottles, but most of those are lined with plastic, so I prefer glass for day to day activities.
As consumers are becoming more aware of the effects of endocrine mimickers, blockers and disrupters, glass products are becoming more popular and more affordable. When I purchased my lifefactory bottles (650 mL for me and 475 mL for kids) earlier this year, $24 was the best price I could find (at Mountain Equipment Coop) for the large size bottle. Recently, at Costco, I found Takeya glass water bottles (650 mL / 22 oz) that were only 2 for $20. Both brands’ bottles have a silicone sleeve that provides a grip, but it provides limited protection for the bottle, so be very careful.
The only thing we didn’t like about the lifefactory bottles is that the flip top isn’t very tight. If you keep it upright, it is usually ok, but if the bottles tip over in your pack, you may end up with a lot of water in it. We ended up purchasing the “classic loop caps” (shown below) at $4 a pop to avoid this problem. 
If you are still keen on a glass water bottle (the taste of the water is unsurpassed!), but don’t want to spend $10-30 on a drinking container, consider purchasing bottled water in an attractive glass bottle. My hubby turned down a lifefactory bottle because he figured it wouldn’t take long to lose or break it,  but he readily accepted a $4 Voss bottle. While the Voss may not be as flashy, it is a fraction the price and pre-filled with (flat or sparkling) mineral water! I got mine at Planet Organic.  

lifefactory vs. Voss

Which would you buy?

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