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Hiking Marmot Creek’s Waterfalls (Troll Falls, Marmot Falls, and Upper Falls)

by Karen Ung

Marmot Creek brings you to several beautiful waterfalls, the most popular being Troll Falls. While Marmot Falls and Upper Falls used to be kind of secret, you can now get to them via a well-defined trail with a bridge, handrails, and signage.

Marmot Creek's Upper Falls, Kananaskis
Marmot Creek’s Upper Falls, Kananaskis

Hiking to Troll Falls, Marmot Falls, and Upper Falls (aka Double Falls)

Begin the hike at Troll Falls Trailhead and follow the trail through pine and spruce forest to a small bridge. From here, you will enter a gorgeous grove of aspens. Continue to a trail junction, then go left for 300 metres to reach Troll Falls. As of late 2020, there are are barricades around the falls to prevent injuries (people have climbed above the falls and been seriously injured, rockfall is also a hazard), so please stay on the right side of the handrails. A nicer addition, however, is some seating near Troll Falls. The stone benches are the perfect place to enjoy some hot cocoa!

From here, you can take one of two bridges to the upper waterfalls. Both trails eventually join and climb the short but steep hill. Stay left at the junction marked “Upper Falls,” and follow the trail to a series of pretty cascades.

The most noteworthy falls along the way are Marmot Falls, Boulder Falls, and Upper Falls. Marmot Falls looks like Troll Falls, but has a flat ledge behind it, so you can walk behind the falls if you have microspikes on (spikes recommended as it’s super slippery back there). While you once had to go offtrail to find Marmot Falls, you no longer need to. The new trail takes you right there!

Boulder Falls are impossible to miss as they flow through huge boulders.

Last, but not least, is Upper Falls (also known as Double Falls or Upper Canyon Falls). This two-tier waterfall is most spectacular when the falls are frozen but the plunge pool isn’t, but it’s a scenic spot year-round. Use caution on the ice as the plunge pool is pretty deep near the falls.

Return the way you came, or for a more scenic loop, return via Hay Meadow.

Upper Falls at a Glance

One-Way Distances: 1.7 km to Troll Falls + 1 km to Upper Falls

Elevation Gain: 150 m

Difficulty: Easy to Troll Falls, moderate to Upper Falls with some exposure (keep kids away from the edge).

Duration: Allow 2-3 hours round trip with kids.

Directions and parking: Troll Falls parking lot (click link for Google Maps)

Know Before You Go

There have been serious accidents in this area (falls from cliffs), so please stay on the trail and stay back from the edge of the falls.

This popular trail gets packed down and icy in the shoulder season, so ice cleats and microspikes are recommended.

Enjoy the hike and let me know which Marmot Creek waterfall is your favorite!

Marmot Creek's Waterfalls (beyond Troll Falls)

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