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Hiking Marmot Creek’s Waterfalls (Beyond Troll Falls)

by Karen Ung

Marmot Creek brings you to several beautiful waterfalls, the most popular being Troll Falls. While Upper Falls, also known as Double Falls, used to be kind of secret, you can now get to them via a well-defined trail with a bridge, handrails, and signage.

Marmot Creek's Upper Falls, Kananaskis
Marmot Creek’s Upper Falls, Kananaskis

Hiking to Upper Falls (aka Double Falls)

Troll Falls in November

Begin the hike at Troll Falls Trailhead and take Troll Falls Trail to the Upper Falls junction (Look for the “Upper Falls” sign about 100 metres before Troll Falls). Cross the bridge and climb the short but steep hill, following the trail markers to a series of pretty cascades. The trail ends at beautiful Upper Falls, also known as Double Falls. While there are even more waterfalls along Marmot Creek, they require going offtrail, so it is best to consult Gillean Daffern’s Kananaskis Country Trail Guide Volume 1  (Amazon affiliate link) in order to find them safely. Look for trolls along the way; we found two!

Return the way you came, or for a more scenic loop, return via Hay Meadow.

Bridge over Marmot Creek
Bridge over Marmot Creek (go this way to Upper Falls)

Upper Falls at a Glance

Distance: 1.7 km to Troll Falls + 1 km to Upper Falls

Elevation Gain: 150 m

Difficulty: Easy to Troll Falls, moderate to Upper Falls with some exposure (keep kids away from the edge).

Duration: Allow 2-3 hours round trip with kids.

Directions and parking: Troll Falls parking lot (click link for Google Maps)

Small waterfall on Marmot Creek

Know Before You Go

There have been serious accidents in this area (falls from cliffs), so please stay on the trail and stay back from the edge of the falls.

This popular trail gets packed down and icy in the shoulder season, so ice cleats and microspikes are recommended.

Enjoy the hike and let me know which Marmot Creek waterfall is your favorite!

Marmot Creek's Waterfalls (beyond Troll Falls)

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